What You Should Know Before You Have Your Car Painted

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Auto Repair

If you own an older vehicle, you may be looking for ways to revamp its style. One way to refresh your vehicle is by having it painted at a professional auto paint shop Glendale AZ.

Before you schedule your paint service, you should get informed about the process. Here are some things you should know before you have your car painted.

It can take at least a week to complete the process.
Although a week may seem like a long time, there are many things that have to be done to prepare your car for new paint. The original paint has to be removed. Painting a vehicle isn’t like painting a wall. New car paint can’t be applied to old paint. In addition, preparing the surface of the vehicle requires extensive work.

You should have realistic expectations about the outcome.
You should be aware that a new paint job may not cover the blemishes on your car. In fact, new paint could make the blemishes more noticeable. To optimize your results, you should have dents, gouges, holes and rust spots fixed before your car is painted.

Your vehicle’s interior will have to be removed.
Painting a vehicle can affect the interior of your vehicle. That’s the reason components of your vehicle’s interior have to be removed. This includes the console, seats and dash.

Painting your vehicle can add value to it.
The money that you spend for a professional car painting service is an investment in your vehicle. Your vehicle may be appraised for a higher amount after a paint job.

Dynasty Collision is a full-service auto paint shop Glendale AZ. If you’d like to have your vehicle painted by professionals, schedule an appointment for a free estimate. We offer car repair, paint and maintenance services.

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