What are My Options for Replacing Transmission Parts?

Your transmission needs work, and that includes investing in some new parts. There are several options for those parts. A professional with a transmission parts supply house can help you understand each of your choices and settle on the one that’s right for you.

OEM Transmission Parts

OEM transmission parts are manufactured by the company that supplied all of the parts used to create your present transmission. It’s not unusual for manufacturers to continue making replacement parts for several years after the transmission model is no longer in production. That’s especially true when the transmission was a popular design used in several makes or models.

This option typically comes with a wider range of warranty protections. Since it’s made by the same company that made the original parts, the fit and function are usually perfect.

Third Party Transmission Parts

Even after the original manufacturer stops producing the parts, it’s not unusual for a third party to take up the banner and continue producing them. As a transmission parts supply expert will explain, the third party uses the same standards and specifications that the original manufacturer employed. The warranty protections will be similar to those that were offered with OEM parts when they were still in production.

Refurbished or Used Transmission Parts

If the original manufacturer no longer produces the parts you need, and no third party is producing them, used or refurbished original parts is an option. Refurbished parts often come with limited guarantees. Used parts are often in good condition but may or may not come with any type of guarantee or warranty.

Talk with your auto technician closely and determine which option would work best in your case. Factors such as cost, the general condition of the vehicle, and how long you plan on keeping it will all influence your decision. In the long run, your choice will help you enjoy whatever benefits you want for the amount of time you continue to drive the car or truck. Contact Raybestos Powertrain for more information on the quality parts they provide.

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