What to Know About a Trailer Spindle

Safe towing starts with having trailer components that work right. This includes the brakes, lights, wheels, and tires. It also includes trailer spindles. Failure to learn about these cylindrical parts of a trailer can result in damage to the trailer and the cargo it’s transporting. It can also result in an accident on the roadway. The following information will give more insight into these trailer components.

A Trailer Spindle is the centermost part of an axle and wheel grouping. In essence, this component is at a core of assembly that enables the trailer to move. A spindle can be thought of as a horizontal extension of an axle. The axle is a long rod that supports two wheels on a trailer. The two ends of the axle have spindles that support the wheels and wheel hubs. These wheels and wheel hubs spin round trailer spindles as the trailer moves. The wheel bearings are in between the spindles and the wheel hubs.

It’s essential to have spindles that match the capacity of the axle they are attached to. A spindle with a lower capacity than the axle it’s attached to can become damaged if the weight it’s bearing exceeds its capacity. An axle or the trailer itself may have a tag or plate that indicates the axle’s weight capacity. Also, spindles either come with or without a flange. These flanges are located at the beginning of the spindle next to the axle. They are typically welded onto spindles with a higher weight capacity for trailer owners to install brakes. These brakes are onto the brake flanges.

Trailer owners should regularly inspect spindles for defects. Damaged wheel bearings, improper lubrication, and accidents can all lead to Trailer Spindle damage. Because the majority of spindles are welded onto axles, installing new spindles may require a degree of expertise trailer owners don’t possess. Unless you are knowledgeable about welding and trailer repair, it’s a good idea to find a licensed trailer repair shop to install new spindles. For more information on trailer spindles, please visit Website Domain. This business can handle trailer parts including trailer spindles, trailer hubs, and trailer hitches.

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