Make Sure Your Trips Go as Planned with the Right Trailer Hitches in Wisconsin

Summer is in full swing, and now is the time to take care of outdoor matters. Whether you’re towing a utility trailer or a camper, a few factors need to be considered. Trailer Hitches in Wisconsin are among those critical elements. After all, without the right one, your journey may not exactly go as planned. When you’re choosing which hitch is the right fit, what you’ll be towing makes all the difference.

From one angle, it’s all about the trailer’s weight. Most trailers have their tongue weights displayed somewhere on the frame, but each item you place onboard adds more to the overall burden. If you happen to be hooking up to a homemade trailer and aren’t sure of its tongue weight, you’ll find a number of different scales on the market for just that purpose.

Once you have that figure, you need to pick a hitch capable of holding up to the load. Class I hitches are designed to bear a tongue weight of 200 pounds and overall loads of up to 2,000 pounds. Moving on to Class II, you’ll be able to tow 300 pounds of tongue weight and loaded trailers up to 3,500 pounds. Class III hitches are able to withstand tongue weights of 600 pounds and loads weighing as much as 6,000 pounds.

On a different note, if your vehicle can’t pull the load you have in mind, you have another problem altogether. You need to be aware of five separate numbers before trying to tow any type of trailer. They include:

  • Towing capacity
  • Tongue weight
  • Gross vehicle weight rating
  • Gross combination weight rating
  • Gross axle weight rating

All these can be found on a sticker on the edge of your vehicle’s driver’s door. It’s typically the same one displaying the VIN, tire pressure recommendations, and other vital information. If the sticker isn’t there, all these numbers should also be in your owner’s manual. Should all else fail, you could always look on the manufacturer’s website.

Once you know how much your vehicle can safely tow, find a trailer matching those specifications. Couple the two with one of the right Trailer Hitches in Wisconsin and you’ll be ready to take your work or play anywhere. If you need a little help with the process, visit Website Domain.

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