The Basics of Tire Repair in Evanston IL

The best way to fix a flat tire is a source of debate among drivers and tire repair shop owners everywhere. Plugs are best in some situations, and patches are better in others. Below are some considerations to make when faced with a decision after a flat tire.

The Benefits of Tire Plugs

Some shops may use tire plugs because they are the quickest and least expensive option. When a driver is stranded and needs to be somewhere, they can get back on the road quickly with a tire plug. These typically cost $10 or less, and the job can be done in minutes. Tire Repair Evanston IL has improved over the past few years; where older plugs were just inserted, newer tire plugs vulcanize for additional road stability. A tire that’s been plugged properly can be used for another 20,000 or more with no issues.

Tire Plug Limitations and Concerns

Even though plugging a tire may be enough, road safety organizations advise against relying solely on tire plugs. They are less effective in the following situations:

*When there’s a hole close to the sidewall. Industry experts recommend patches in these situations, as a plug might not make a complete seal.
*Where the puncture is crooked. A jagged or diagonal puncture is usually best handled with a patch.

Some experts caution that plugs shouldn’t be chosen over patches without a visual inspection of the inside of the tire. A thorough inspection can detect damage that would go unnoticed with plug insertion. The best approach is to use a patch and a plug, to ensure that the repair is stable.

The Best Treatment for Large Punctures

Some tire punctures are beyond repair, according to tire repair shop owners and other experts. A puncture that’s more than one-quarter inch in diameter requires a better solution. To handle such issues, some drivers buy an additional tire and use it as a spare.

The tips given above can help customers understand what to do the next time a flat tire leaves them stranded. HEART Certified Auto Care for tire repair in Evanston IL, and ask what would be the best and safest option.

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