Looking for Ford Trucks, Find the F-150 in New Lennox

Ford trucks are and have been, America’s favorite truck for years. There are plenty of reasons why. Thanks to powerful, yet economical engines, the F-150 is best in class for towing and hauling. Ford trucks are agile; they handle extremely well in and around New Lennox and sport all the comfort and convenience of a sedan.

New or Used?

The F-150 has been the best-selling pickup in New Lennox for years. There have been a few updates for 2018. Most changes can be found under the hood. The new engines are more powerful and have good EPA mileage ratings. The towing capacity has increased; the truck can now tow over 13,000 pounds, up a full 1,000 pounds.

Although these are all positive changes, you will not miss much if you opt for a used truck from the same generation. There are many high value used trucks available in New Lennox. Any used F-150 will perform well, and they are popular choices amongst budget-conscious buyers.

Ford F-150 Performance

The base engine installed in the F-150 is a 290 HP V6. Although this is a great engine, Ford also offers two turbocharged versions that deliver more power, have better acceleration characteristics and get comparable fuel economy. For those people who use their truck for towing, the 375 HP versions are ideal.

Towing Capacity

No truck in its class can tow more or carry more than a Ford F-150. The towing capacity beats the competition, as does the payload. To make it easier to maneuver a trailer, Ford offers a backup assist system.

Cargo Space

Bed lengths of 5.5, 6.5, and 8 feet are available. With three bed lengths, you can satisfy your specific needs easily. There are plenty of features available in all bed lengths including LED lighting and movable tie downs.

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