Don’t Compromise Safety When Needing Collision Repair in Papillion NE

No matter how it happened, damaged auto body parts may decrease the safety integrity of a vehicle until it’s properly repaired. When needing Collision Repair in Papillion NE, it’s important to find a place that’s certified to work on the vehicle in question, such as Contact Dingman’s Collision Center, who has been an industry leader for over 50 years and is certified by 16 vehicle manufacturers. Once the repairs have been completed, the vehicle should once again meet current safety and manufacturer repair standards, along with being restored to pre-accident condition.

Don’t Compromise Safety

Not every collision shop adheres to manufacturer repair standards when fixing a vehicle. If not done correctly, safety may be compromised for the driver and passengers if a future accident occurs. Using a shop that has certified technicians, who don’t take shortcuts, can ensure that the vehicle will once again meet safety guidelines after repairs have been completed.

Minor Repairs

Even minor damage can leave a vehicle at risk for failure if it isn’t attended to before another accident occurs. If the minor damage affected the frame in any way, and it wasn’t stabilized after the original impact, the weakened frame may buckle or give way during a subsequent accident.

Structural Repairs

When a vehicle has structural damage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can’t be restored to pre-accident condition. Structural or frame damage refers to any damage that affects the framework of the vehicle or any other components that provide structural integrity. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may be possible to straighten the bent frame or cut out the compromised section and weld a new piece of metal in its place.

Repair or Replace

In some instances, it may not be economically practical to fix a vehicle after an accident. The rule of thumb is that if the repair costs are higher than the actual cash value, then the car will be totaled out by the insurance company.

When Collision Repair in Papillion NE becomes necessary, using a shop that has technicians who are certified to work on the specific vehicle type can yield much better results. The shop should also adhere to the manufacturer guidelines when doing any repair work to ensure that the result will yield a vehicle that is safe to drive once again.

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