Don’t Ignore These Four Warning Signs Your Vehicle Needs Transmission Repair in Mesa

The transmission of a car is the mechanism that allows for movement. It works with the engine to ensure the vehicle changes gears and moves in the direction the driver wants it to. The average transmission will last up to ten years in a vehicle, depending on how well it is maintained. If issues begin to arise, a driver needs to seek immediate Transmission Repair in Mesa. Driving a vehicle when it is having transmission problems can end up destroying the transmission and causing major expenses for an owner.

Drivers should never ignore these top four signs of transmission problems:

  • Rough shifting is common when there are issues with a transmission. The more the damage progresses, the more difficult it will be for the vehicle to go into gear properly. Drivers may hear a clunking noise when their vehicle is attempting to change gears. When this issue is present, drivers will find their vehicle seems to struggle in getting up in speed.
  • Transmission slipping can occur because of low fluid or problems in the transmission function. When this is occurring, a driver will hear their engine whining when the transmission is attempting to change gears. The initial slippage can be very subtle, so it is important drivers pay careful attention to how their vehicle is performing. When slipping is occurring, a driver needs to seek prompt Transmission Repair in Mesa.
  • When a driver changes from park into drive or reverse, their vehicle should immediately engage. Long pauses could mean the transmission is not responding as it should and needs to be repaired. Eventually, a failed transmission will prevent a vehicle from going into any gear.
  • A leaking transmission can quickly spell disaster for a vehicle. If there is too little fluid in the transmission, it will not be able to function properly and may be permanently damaged. Transmission fluid is red in colour and should be easy to spot when leaking.

If you are a driver who has noticed any of these signs with your vehicle, now is the time to act. For more information on transmission repair, click here. With proper diagnosis and repair, your vehicle’s transmission function can be restored.

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