A Brief Review on Tapered Roller Bearing Installation

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Auto Parts

Tapered roller bearing installation is a complicated process that requires the assistance of experts. A tapered roller bearing has an inner ring raceway, an outer ring raceway, and tapered rollers. It can handle combined loads – both axial and radial. They are generally used in different types of transmissions, whether for vehicles or heavy-duty machinery.

Different Types of Tapered Roller Bearings

There are 3 types of tapered roller bearings. They are:

1. Single Row – Tapered Roller Bearing: These are the basic type and come in different sizes. The matched bearings have an outer ring that is flanged.

2. Double Row – Tapered Roller Bearing: It can handle massive loads. It is stiff and is used mainly in gearboxes, rolling mills and in machines for the mining industry.

3. Four Row – Tapered Roller Bearing: These types of bearings are used in the rolling mill. The four-row tapered roller bearings are designed in such a way that they can handle maximum axial and radial loads.

Steps Involved in Tapered Roller Bearing Installation

The first step in tapered roller bearing installation is to install the cup into the wheel bore. The cup should be placed correctly in the step that is in the bore. The cup’s taper should be in the right orientation. Now, install the cone inside the cup. After installing the cone, the flinger washer is installed. It is installed on top of the cone and then the closure is installed. It is fit just over flinger washer. The closure should be fully fit around the flinger washer and the cup. Repeat the same steps on the other side. Then, install the wheel. The wheel is fit into the caster. The spacer should be placed between the closure and the caster leg on both sides. Now, slide the axle through the wheel assembly and caster legs. Thus, the castle nut is installed. Tighten the castle nut so that the wheel stops spinning. Now loosen the castle nut till the wheel drags. Use the lubricants such as grease to lubricate the bearings.

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