Dick’s Speed-O-Tach for Electronic Cluster Repair in Arizona

The electronic cluster is the fragile and sensitive instrumentation of a vehicles digital instrument panel, also known as the dashboard. This panel contains the readouts for the speedometer, fuel gauge, oil gauge, and tachometer. Auto gauges which display readings for temperature and electricity must be accurate so they driver may monitor the condition and needs of the vehicle. If any of these delicate components start to malfunction, the readings will become erratic and inaccurate. If this is happening, the vehicle is in need of electronic cluster work. The vehicle must be examined to determine what repairs or adjustments have become necessary to restore proper functions and avoid damage to the vehicle.

An inaccurate speedometer can lead to a traffic violation. The speedometer will measure and monitor a vehicle’s speed and displays this on the panel. The speedometer is also a part of the electronic cluster, and if it malfunctions, electronic cluster work will be required to re-calibrate it. This will require the attention and care of an expert. The Tachometer or RPM Gauge measures the rotational speed of the car. A malfunction with the tachometer also requires service.

When and where to go if any of these sensitive components are not functioning properly. It becomes critical to restoring these devices with careful and experienced electronic cluster work. The original Dick’s Tach-O-Meter takes on all electronic Cluster Repair in Arizona. Work on tachometers, digital odometer correction, mechanical speedometer calibration and same day service is ready. Antique models can be serviced as well as most makes and manufacturers. Digital odometer displays as well as lens and used cluster sales are available. All cluster work and more is priced reasonably and warrantied. And there’s more! Electronic cluster repair isn’t the only service available. There is a transmission, engine, electrical, headlight and taillight, and air conditioning service. Auto parts, battery service, suspension, tire rotation and wheel alignment are at hand on site.

Dick’s Speed-O-Tach, the most reliable electronic Cluster Repair in Arizona. For more information, or to set up an appointment, call 602-279-6463, or drive out to 4325 North 7 Street, Phoenix, Arizona. Service available in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

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