There Are Advantages To Buying A Car From A Dealer

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Automotive

When the time comes for you to buy a car you will quickly realize that there is more than one place where you can get it. If you are looking for a used car you can buy it from a private party or a dealer. If you want to purchase a high-quality certified pre-owned car you will want to visit car dealerships in Wheeling. It may be easier to buy from a private party but there are advantages to buying from a dealership; what are a few?

Optional equipment:

When you purchase a car from a private party you buy what they are selling, if you want something that is not currently installed on the car you either do without it or purchase and install it later.

You can easily install a new sound system or add chrome wheels but you can get things from a dealership that you cannot get from a private party. If you wish to extend the warranty upon expiration, a dealer can do this, a private seller cannot. A dealer can also offer inducements such as free oil changes, a private party won’t.


Car dealerships in Wheeling are justifiably proud of and concerned with their reputation, dealers that have a less than stellar reputations do not last long in this highly competitive business. The best dealerships are those that offer the best in customer service. If you experience a problem soon after you buy the car, a dealer will endeavor to correct it. If you experience a problem with a car that you purchased privately, the problem is yours to solve.


If you need to finance the purchase, car dealerships in Wheeling can offer numerous options. If you purchase from a private party and you need financing, this is something that you will have to arrange yourself.

Although you may save a few dollars by buying privately, no private seller can come close to what a dealership can.

Car dealerships in Wheeling have a great deal to offer; from the moment you walk into the showroom of Arlington Heights Ford you will know that their commitment to customer service is their top priority. If you are looking for a new Ford, a certified pre-owned vehicle or a used car, you are welcome to visit Arlington Heights Ford.

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