Considering A New Land Rover For Sale? Look At These 3 Popular Models

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Car Dealership

The term “Land Rover” can be confusing. A new Land Rover for sale can refer to any of three models in a large family. Yet, at its basic, there are three basic models under the title “Land Rover.” These are the Discovery, the Range Rover and the Defender.

The Defender

The Defender has been on the market since 1983. It is a popular vehicle in Philadelphia. It is a successful blend of stylish design and high-tech combined with retro touches. Overall, it is considered the Land Rover with the greatest off-road capabilities.

The Discovery

If the listing for a new Land Rover for sale in Philadelphia is a Discovery, be prepared for a blend of ruggedness and posh style. It is agile, taking to both on and off-road surfaces casually. It manages this all in comfort due to its adjustable air suspension and standard all-wheel drive.

The Range Rover

The Range Rover is a specific model within the Land Rover family. However, it is also a subcategory. The Land Rover Range Rover has its own family. This consists of four models:

1. The Range Rover
2. The Range Rover Sport
3. The Range Rover Velar
4. The Range Rover Evoque

As far as SUVs and Land Rovers go, the Range Rover family tends to be more upscale.

The Land Rover Family

A new Land Rover for sale can refer to any of the above. All offer a unique driving experience. In the end, the one you choose should be based on needs, budget and preference.

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