Why Subaru Service Is a Better Choice Over a Third-Party Shop in California

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Automotive

Regardless of how well you drive your car, it will eventually need services to keep it in good condition. You may think there is no harm in contacting a friend or local mechanic from your neighborhood to handle the maintenance for you. This appears to save you a few dollars, but you can incur unnecessary costs if a mistake occurs.

Even though these third-party shops are a popular choice, there are many reasons to go to a dealership instead. They have trained technicians that understand your vehicle and can give it the best assistance. Below are the reasons that explain why the Subaru dealer is a better choice.


With the advances in current technology, cars are often viewed as computers on wheels. To successfully handle Subaru services in San Mateo, CA, you will need access to the most advanced equipment. With these, a certified technician gets diagnostics that reveal the reasons behind electronic issues swiftly and without the often prolonged trial and error process used by other mechanics.


Third-party repair facilities may use aftermarket parts to handle the repair or maintenance of your car. These may be easier for them to maneuver or allows them to make a higher profit from your bill. Yet, these get made to fit any vehicle and are not specifically designed for your auto like OEM parts. With Subaru services in San Mateo, CA, a dealer will use genuine parts from the manufacturer that gives better protection and increased performance.

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