Why Age And Mileage Matter With Used Cars For Sale

Often car buyers in and around Philadelphia are looking for the best possible deal on a specific make and model of vehicle. Many buyers opt for used cars for sale over new models, particularly when choosing luxury and performance cars that have a higher purchase price.

Older models of performance or luxury cars are often significantly lower in asking price than more recent models. However, with both age and mileage, there are essential considerations that anyone looking at used cars for sale needs to consider.

Chance of Major Repairs Increases with Mileage

Most performance and luxury brands of cars can easily be driven for a decade plus without any need for major repairs. Some of the top lines of these iconic brands average over 200,000 miles before a major repair is required.

However, at some point in time, all systems can potentially need repairs. This includes transmissions, engines, and computerized systems. By choosing used cars for sale in Philadelphia that are newer and have lower mileage, car buyers have a longer period of time before these potential issues are a factor.

Low Mileage Older Vehicles

Many luxury cars in Philadelphia are not daily use vehicles, which often means lower mileage. This is an advantage, but components can still require replacing if routine maintenance and service recommendations are not followed. Older vehicles that sit for long periods without use can have problems with seals, gaskets, filters, and other system components.

When selecting a lower mileage older vehicle, be sure to check the maintenance record before deciding if the vehicle is a good investment.

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