When You Need Auto Glass Installation in Chicago

The time for new auto glass installation in Chicago may come at the least expected moment. Most people know that when the windshield or side windows are shattered, it’s an automatic replacement. However, there are a number of other situations in which it can be more difficult to know whether replacement is truly required or not. Perhaps the biggest question that most people have in terms of a windshield replacement is whether they need to replace a cracked piece of auto glass in Chicago. The answer: It depends on the length of the crack.

Small cracks, those that are around three inches or shorter, can often be repaired. However, a larger crack, and especially a crack around 6 to 12 inches in length, usually cannot be successfully repaired. The type of repair that is done on a small crack is usually sufficient to stop further spreading. However, once a crack has already spread significantly, its progress usually can’t be halted. If the crack is able to be repaired, the auto glass technician will drill a tiny hole in the glass, and then fill it with a special resin that is completely clear.

If a crack is a multi-part one, for example, any windshield damage that appears as a spider web, it is usually something that cannot be repaired. These cracks are typically made up of many small segments of glass, and the multiple segments compromise the integrity of the glass. A full windshield replacement is also necessary in any case where there are many small cracks, especially if the cracks are in clusters. Clusters of glass cracks have a high probability of joining together into much larger cracks. This can quickly cause the entire wall of glass to collapse and makes for a very unsafe driving experience.

If your auto glass is damaged enough to need replacement, be sure to ask your auto glass repair provider if they can work with your insurance company. In many cases, this damage will be at least partially covered. If it is time for auto glass repair or auto glass installation in Chicago, consider contacting Frank’s Auto Glass Repair Chicago for reliable and courteous help immediately!

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