When Do You Need an Auto Repair Shop in Virginia Beach, VA

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Automotive

Whether you’re an experienced driver or just starting, certain things will let you know when it’s time to head to the auto repair shop in Virginia Beach, VA. Schedule an appointment for auto repairs if you notice any of these signs.

An Oil Leak

An oil leak is a common sign of something wrong with the car. If you notice an oil leak, it could be caused by several things:

• The gasket on your oil filter is leaking, causing oil to drip onto the ground
• Your vehicle has worn down its pan gasket.
• A cracked or broken valve cover could also lead to an oil leak.

Engine Knocking

If you hear a knocking sound from your engine, it could signify a problem with your car’s performance. The first thing is to check the oil level in your vehicle; if you’re low on oil and haven’t changed it recently, this could be the cause. Low oil levels can lead to worn piston rings. Another possibility is that a timing belt has cracked or broken and needs replacement.

Squealing or Grinding Brakes

If you hear a squealing or grinding noise when braking, it may be time to bring your vehicle into an auto repair shop in Virginia Beach, VA. The brakes are one of the most critical car parts. When they’re not working correctly, it can be dangerous!

The Check Engine Light

A warning light doesn’t mean you need to take your car in, but it does mean something wrong. When the check engine light is on, there is a problem that may be severe enough to damage your car if you don’t address it immediately.

If your vehicle is equipped with an oxygen sensor and/or catalytic converter(s), they may be triggering the check engine light. Oxygen sensors are responsible for regulating the amount of fuel being added to the engine during combustion cycles, while catalytic converters help reduce emissions by converting pollutants into harmless chemicals before they leave your tailpipe.

If you notice any of these or other signs and need an auto repair shop in Virginia Beach, VA, visit the London Bridge Auto & Transmission.

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