When a Customer Needs to Rent a 15 Passenger Van in York, NY

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Vans

When family members, a business or a church function needs the use of a large van to transport their people, sometimes they will look to the services of a business that rents vans, rather than purchasing a van. There are lots of advantages to renting a large van for use for some customers, depending on how often the van is needed. A rental company that will rent a 15 Passenger Van in York NY understands the various needs customers may have and works with them to accommodate their specific needs. Here are some things to know about van rentals.

About Van Rentals

Of course, one of the first details that will have to be worked out when renting a 15 passenger van is the status of the driver, because the driver may require commercial driver’s license, or at least have an endorsement to drive a passenger vehicle (PV). The next thing to consider is the amount and type of insurance coverage the renter will need to ensure protection when operating the 15 passenger van. These are things that will be discussed upfront when inquiring about the rental.

More about Van Rentals

When renting the van, the customer should find out specifically about the mileage allowance on the vehicle, and how much more will it cost per mile once the mileage allowance has been exhausted. The customer will also want to check for vans to ensure comfort for the passengers, such as seating that is not hard on the back and has plenty leg room. Vans that come equipped with the EZ Pass option make traveling easier for the drivers on the interstate highways, keeping them from being held up in long lines.

A Van Rental Service in New York

Customers can find multiple places to rent commercial vans or passenger vans throughout the State of New York. C.C. Rental is an example of a vehicle rental service in York, New York that provides various kinds of vehicle rentals for customers, including 15 passenger vans. If a customer is looking to rent a 15 Passenger Van in York NY, the rental company is available and can be visited at the website. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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