What You Should Always Make Time For Regular Engine Oil Changes

You may have heard that your vehicle needs its oil changed every 3,000 miles. While it may not need to be done that often, it is important to change it on a regular basis. Although you can complete this task yourself, you can also feel free to have a professional take care of it on your behalf.

Get Your Oil Changed at Least Once a Year

Ideally, you will get schedule express lube in New Jersey service at least once per year. This is true even if you don’t drive 5,000 to 7,500 miles over a period of 12 months. Over time, the oil can get dirty, and the dirt and debris can get inside of engine parts. Furthermore, failing to get an annual oil change could void the warranty that comes with your vehicle.

Use Whichever Type of Oil You Prefer

It is up to you whether to use conventional or synthetic motor oil in your vehicle. Furthermore, you can switch between conventional and synthetic oil without harming the engine or any of its components. One of the key benefits to using synthetic products is that you can potentially go longer between oil changes. Synthetic oil may also be better during periods of extremely hot and extremely cold weather. Conventional oil may be the better choice if you drive an older vehicle or a vehicle that has a lot of miles on it.

Oil Changes Only Take 15 to 30 Minutes

You can get an express lube in New Jersey in a matter of minutes. This can be ideal for those who work long or irregular hours and don’t have time to waste at a service center. It can also be ideal for those who have to pick up the kids from school at a set time or have other things to do in a given day.

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