What You Need to Know About RV Maintenance

As you embark on a road trip with your friends and family, you want to know you will arrive at your final destination safely. Driving an RV requires some skill. Taking a look inside the owner’s manual will tell you exactly how to take care of your mode of transportation long-term. By making an effort to maintain your recreational vehicle, you maximize the life expectancy of your investment.

Pre-Trip Examination

Before you leave your city, you need to make sure your RV is ready to make the trip. Check the stud nuts, bolts, and screws around the engine compartment to make sure all pieces are tightly in place. Make sure your battery is in good condition, with tight connections, good electrolyte level and no corrosion. A faulty battery on the road can make the difference between traveling across state lines, and barely making it out of the driveway. If you are driving an automatic, check the transmission’s fluid level. If it is brown instead of red, change it. Once you take all these precautions, you can safely head down the highway.

Routine Maintenance

Most of the effort you put into maintaining a recreational vehicle is about the same as maintaining your regular car. The fuel filter and air cleaner should be cleaned regularly to maintain a smooth drive. Oil levels are more important in RV engines than they are in other vehicles, so an oil change should be performed before driving long distances. If you need someone with additional training to inspect your vehicle, schedule a maintenance visit at your local service shop. The technicians at the shop should be able to tell you if your vehicle is safe to take along, or if you need to replace any RV parts.

Check Life-Support Systems

Life-supporting systems on a recreational vehicle include water, gas, and waste disposal. Since you will spend a lot of time in your RV during your vacation, you must drain these systems regularly for freshness. If you notice any problems with these systems before the trip begins, schedule a visit from a plumber to clean them out and check for issues.

Stay Alert

No matter how long you will be gone on your trip, making sure your recreational vehicle is prepared for the drive is the most important way to guarantee that events go as planned. Whenever you stop at a gas station or your campsite, go over your pre-trip checklist again to make sure your vehicle doesn’t need any other attention before you leave. Always follow the maintenance regimens needed for your vehicle, as described in your owner’s manual.

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