What to Expect from Oil Change Services in Lansing, MI

For those who own automobiles, they know the responsible thing to do is to keep up the maintenance on their vehicles. Part of the routine maintenance on a vehicle is to ensure that it has a tune up every year or so, and an oil change, as often as needed. There are specific things that normally go with an oil change service. A mechanic that offers Oil Change Services in Lansing MI offers tips on things that patrons should expect to get with services.

If an oil change is the only thing that is being serviced on the automobile, the entire process should take about 20 minutes or less. However, it is better if other services are combined with an oil change, for the better efficiency of the vehicle. Some of these services include, but are not limited to battery testing, checking of the tire pressure, checking of the various belts (or a serpentine belt, if that is what the vehicle has), the headlights and tail lights, and the checking of other fluids. These fluids might be the anti-freeze, transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid and other reservoirs.

When getting an oil change, always insist on the grade that is compatible with the year and mileage of the vehicle. Going with a fluid because it is cheaper may cost more in the long run. A car owner should never wait until the oil begins to turn a dark color, but should change the oil at the frequency indicated in the owner’s manual. If the fluid is changed earlier, that will not be a bad thing. The cleaner the oil is in the vehicle, the smoother the vehicle will run and serve the owner.

Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service has been providing auto and truck repair and servicing in the Lansing, Michigan area for over five decades. Among the services provides are air conditioning repair and maintenance, wheel alignments, brake repair, suspension repair, tune-ups, oil changes, routine and preventative maintenance and tire rotations and replacement. If owners need Oil Change Services in Lansing MI, they can visit the company’s website at Liskeys.com.

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