What Makes the Ford F-150 a Very Popular Truck?

In Shreveport LA and other cities across America, people continue to buy more F-Series trucks than any other type. Among these elite groups, the Ford F-150 continues to reign supreme. Yet, it does not wear a hollow crown. It is the king of the full-size truck world for several reasons.

Why so Popular?

There is no single answer as to why the F-150 remains at the top of the truck heap. It consistently receives positive rules in automotive magazines and online sites. Why? Because

• Hauling and Towing: In this category, it goes to the head of the class
• Durability: The ruggedness of the F-150 is undeniable. It withstands most of what the environment and day-to-day work throw at it.
• Reliability: You can always count on an F-150
• Fuel Efficiency: Ford has worked hard to ensure its trucks are as fuel-efficient as possible.
• Pioneering Safety Equipment: The Ford F-150 comes with a vast variety of safety devices including ABS, collision warning, traction control, both stability and trailer sway control, a 360-degree multi-view camera system and a rear parking sensor.

As well as being user-friendly, the Ford F-150 has multiple options from which to choose

New Markets to Conquer

No one in Shreveport LA denies Ford makes the most popular trucks in North America. The F-150 is a great overall vehicle. It can handle highways as well as off-road. It offers comfort as well as providing the capability to haul massive loads. Even when it comes to alternative energy vehicles, Ford trucks are there. The full-size electric model will be the Ford F-150 Lightning.

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