What Happens if the Need for Brake Service in Moore OK is Ignored

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Auto Repair

Cars today offer a clear sign that the brakes are in need of service. However, many people don’t recognize the sign and will wait as long as possible to take their vehicle in for Brake Service Moore OK. When this happens, they could face more expensive repairs for their vehicle. The following is what could happen if brakes are not repaired quickly.

The Brakes Start Squealing

The first sign of issues with the brakes is normally because they start squealing. The material on the brake pads has worn down enough that metal is scratching the part behind the pads. This is by design so the brakes will be repaired quickly and won’t cause further damage. If the issue continues to be ignored, they will start making a grinding noise next.

The Brakes Make a Grinding Noise

A grinding noise occurs because the brakes are now too far worn down and there is damage being done to the braking system. Grinding noises usually indicate the brake pad and other parts of the brake will need to be replaced. This is more expensive than just replacing the brake pads, but at this point repairs really can’t wait. If the vehicle is not repaired now, it may cause issues with how well the brakes work. 

The Brakes Don’t Work as Fast

When the brakes have worn down too much, they aren’t going to work properly. Drivers might find they have to press the brakes harder or that they have to press them a few times to get the brakes to start working. They’ll also find that the brakes don’t work as fast, which means they need a longer period to stop than they normally would. This could lead to an accident.

The Brakes Fail

If the brakes still aren’t serviced, it could lead to the brakes failing to stop the vehicle. This will likely end in an accident, though the severity will depend on the situation. If the brakes have failed or are likely to fail, the vehicle can’t be driven until they are repaired.

If you’ve heard your brakes squealing, don’t wait to take your vehicle in for Brake Service Moore OK. While it does take a while until the brakes fail completely, the needed repairs get more expensive the longer you wait. Click Here to visit PROFIX Auto Repair online and schedule a time for brake service.

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