Using An Auto Towing Service After Running Out Of Gas

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Towing Service

When someone finds themselves in a situation where their vehicle runs out of gas on the roadway, they will want to call an auto towing service to come to their rescue. Many auto towing companies will bring a few gallons of gas to someone in need. While waiting for the tow truck to arrive, the driver and any pedestrians will want to remain safe. Here are some tips one can use to ensure their vehicle and anyone inside is safe during the wait.

Call For Assistance Immediately

It is important to make a phone call to a towing company right away so the vehicle will not be disabled for a long amount of time. After a call is made to a towing service, it is a good idea to call local authorities as well. They will come to the scene if the vehicle is deemed a hazard to others on the roadway so they can direct traffic as necessary.

Stay In The Vehicle

It is best to stay inside of the vehicle when waiting for a tow truck to arrive. Put on the four-way flashers to alert others that the vehicle is disabled. If the vehicle runs out of gas during the nighttime hours, it is better to leave the interior light on inside of the vehicle. Putting on the hazard lights may not allow other motorists to slow down in time as they may think it means the vehicle is driving slowly instead of being stopped. Popping the truck open will also be helpful in alerting others that the vehicle is in a non-running condition.

Politely Refuse Help From Others

To stay safe while waiting for a tow, it is best to keep the windows cracked for air. Keep the doors locked. If someone comes up to the vehicle, politely inform them that the authorities and a tow truck are arriving at any time.

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