To-Do List Before Road-Tripping in a Car Rental Around Covington, LA

A road trip is all fun and games until your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and there’s no way to contact AAA. But don’t let that scary thought spoil your plans for summer. That’s just a possibility, which you can avoid if you do the right preparations. Whether you are using your own vehicle or a car rental from Covington, LA, getting it ready for the long drive can make a huge difference in your overall experience. Here are some of the things you should do before hitting the road.

Where, when, and how many?

Start with your itinerary. Where do you want to go? How long do you want to stay in each place you visit? How many are coming with you? With a clear and definite travel plan, you’ll have an idea how much fuel you need, how long your entire road trip will last, and how much supplies you should prepare. You can also choose the appropriate car rental in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, if you know how many are tagging along. When you finish getting all of these things out of the way, you can focus on preparing the stuff to bring and tuning up your car.

What to bring

Write down everything you need. Start with the least obvious or things you will likely forget, such as a first aid kit, spare tires, and extra fuel. Ask each person joining if they have allergies or medical conditions that need maintenance, then tell them to bring their meds. If possible, ask all of them to be vaccinated, so you won’t have trouble entering cities that haven’t fully lifted their travel restrictions. If you are planning to camp in the wilderness, you will need a tent and a generous amount of insect-repellent spray and cream, as well as a stove. Bring extra batteries for your cameras and cellphones too, or maybe a high-capacity power bank.

Check the engine

Now that you’re ready to inspect your car, check the engine first. If you haven’t noticed any significant changes or experienced any issues in the past, try not to move or pull out anything. Just check if the oil is still clear and runny and if the filter is not choking with dust. A rule of thumb is to change oil after about 3000 miles to keep your engine working at optimal levels. Also, inspect the radiator and see if there is still enough coolant running through the coils. Refill it with new coolant if you think the existing one won’t last the trip. Clean the surface of the battery to avoid trapping the heat that can cause overcharging.

Documents and apps

Different places may have different methods for welcoming guests and verifying their identities. Prepare all your documents—insurance, licenses, registrations, and medical records—and put them in a waterproof binder or envelope. If you are bringing your pets, you might need to get the proper medical documents from the vet. While most states are now pet-friendly, some may still have strict regulations regarding the health of traveling pets.

Hire a mechanic

Many car owners find maintenance complicated even if they have done it a few times. With hundreds of different components to check, the risk of misplacing a small piece is too high. It requires years of experience and attention to detail. You might not even have the correct facility and tools to tune up your car. It is always best to take your vehicle to a service center where professional mechanics can handle it. Then, you can continue preparing other things you need for the road trip.

Traveling is indeed a fantastic way to spend the summer. It may be a lot of work but it creates more fun memories than you can possibly have if you travel by plane, and that’s what matters. Check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.

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