Tips for Finding Reliable Auto Body Repair in Johnson County

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Auto Repair

An auto accident can happen to even the most cautious drivers. During a crash, the vehicle absorbs most of the impact, and results can be catastrophic. Thankfully, most auto body damage can be fixed by a licensed service provider. Not all shops are created equal, and finding the right shop takes patience and research. Customers can browse our website for tips they can follow to narrow their options.

Find Shops With Good Feedback

Family, friends and coworkers are a great source of recommendations for Auto Body Repair in Johnson County, and good word of mouth can indicate a shop’s reliability. If the customer doesn’t know anyone who’s recently had auto body work done, local car clubs and online forums can point them in the right direction. Sites like Yelp can also tell customers about local shops, but these reviews should be considered carefully.

Ensure That the Shop is Certified

An established, reliable auto body repair shop will typically be willing to prove its competence to customers. Good shops display their industry certifications, and they are glad to show potential clients around. If the shop’s personnel seem clueless or unwilling to discuss their professional certifications, the customer should shop elsewhere.

Get Competing Estimates

Just as people should sometimes get a second opinion from a doctor, it’s good for customers to visit multiple body shops for a vehicle evaluation. Ask the shop how much it would cost to restore the car back to its pre-accident condition, and weigh the value-to-cost ratio of each estimate received. To the extent that it’s possible, look for a shop that uses OEM parts.

Look for Brand Expertise

Different automakers build cars in unique ways. Proper collision restoration requires a level of familiarity with the model and the brand. When a customer chooses a repair shop, they should ask how many similar vehicles the shop has repaired, and if the shop is accredited by the manufacturer. By taking the time to find such a shop, customers can be assured that their vehicles are in capable hands.

If the repair shop stands behind its work and its customer service record, it likely offers a good warranty. Customers should ask the manager or owner which parts and labor are covered, and they should carefully read the warranty policy before signing off on auto body repair in Johnson County. Contact Warrensburg Collision for more information.

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