Tips for Choosing the Right Glass Door in Washington, DC

Having a Glass door in Washington DC that opens onto the patio is a nice touch. Unfortunately, the current door was damaged and there is the need to replace it. While it would be easy enough to order a door that is a copy of the old one, why not talk with an expert and determine if something different would work better? Here are some factors to consider before placing the order for that new door.

The Type of Glass

The home was built a number of years ago, and the recently damaged door hails from the date of the original construction. Does the homeowner know for a fact that the safety codes related to glass have remained the same? Instead of ordering something that may turn out to be non-compliant with current standards, it pays to work with a professional who can determine what type of glass is right for the job.

Should the Glass Be Clear or Frosted?

The damaged glass happens to be clear, but the homeowner wonders if something different would be better. For example, frosted glass would still allow plenty of light into the home while providing more privacy. If frosted glass seems too plain for the space, consider the idea of using etched glass. The etching will add something of interest to the space and the homeowner will still enjoy more privacy.

How About Tinted Glass?

There’s also the option of going with tinted glass for the new Glass door in Washington DC. It is possible to coat the glass so that seeing out is easy but no one can see into the house. The tint can be just about any color the homeowner wants. That makes it easy to match the door with whatever colors are used in the room.

Before assuming that the new door needs to be just like the old one, Click Here and take a look at some of the suggestions found at the Beltway Auto & Plate Glass site. Contact the company and arrange for a professional to visit the home. It won’t take long to determine what type of glass will work for the space and choose the right features. Once the plans are settled, the replacement can get underway immediately.

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