Three Fords for Commuters

Now is the perfect time for you to start a car buying journey because Ford has many vehicles available that can benefit you in all aspects of life. The following are three units you can consider purchasing based on your lifestyle and activities:

1. The Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta is a wonderful vehicle for you if you are cost-conscious and fuel efficient. It’s a cute little option that has much more to it than some people think. For example, it has technological features such as HD Radio, Bluetooth, Navigation, SiriusXM and much more. You will definitely get your fill of awesomeness if you go this route. It’s perfect for you if you are a commuter, and you have a tight budget.

2. The Ford Flex

The Flex is a supreme vehicle that would make an excellent unit for someone with a large family or a job that involves transporting people. It can fit up to seven people in it, and it’s full of amazing accommodations that you will love.

3. The Ford Edge in Burbank

You may also be interested in the Ford Edge in Burbank. The Edge is a fantastic sport utility vehicle you will love. It has five-person seating and an impressive performance lineup. You will most likely adore its capabilities. The Edge focuses on providing you with the highest level of performance and style. It has a sporty appeal to it that’s a cut above the rest in its class from other manufacturers.

Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn has many of these vehicles for you. You can contact the facility today and schedule a test-drive and an appointment with the finance team so that you can familiarize yourself with your favorite car and work on making it yours.

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