Things to Consider Before Getting Auto Tinting in Corona, CA

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Automotive

Window tinting can have a number of benefits. It can help limit UV damage to the car and passengers, block light to make it easier to drive in bright conditions, and help keep others from seeing into the car. However, there are also drawbacks, as it can make it harder to see when it is dark and may eventually start to peel. Most importantly, there are laws regarding how much and what type of Auto Tinting in Corona CA is allowed.

Colors Allowed

When getting window tinting in California, not all potential colors of tints are allowed. It isn’t legal to use blue, amber, or red window tints. You’re probably better to stick with the smoke tints, although it appears that green tinting would still be legal as well. Yellow/gold, bronze, and chrome might be a bit questionable, as they may be too close to amber or too reflective to be considered within the limits of the law.


Some window tints also increase reflection, which can make it so even less heat and light enter the car. However, in California, it isn’t legal to apply a tint that is any more reflective than the windows that come standard on cars.

Darkness of Tint

One of the biggest considerations when applying Auto Tinting in Corona CA is how dark the tint is. This varies based on the window under consideration. For example, on the rear and back side windows, any darkness of tint is legal. However, the front window can only have tint on the top four inches of the windshield, while the front side windows need to still let in at least 70 percent of light according to the state laws. There are colorless, clear, transparent films that can still provide some of the benefits with regard to reducing UV rays.

Other Considerations

The installing company has to provide a sticker or certificate that notes the manufacturer’s address, and the manufacturer needs to provide a certificate certifying their film. Only vehicles with dual side mirrors can have window tinting on the rear window. While these are state laws, there may also be local laws, so check into this before purchasing window tinting.

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