The Risks Of Buying Used Cars For Sale From Private Owners

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Car Dealers

Buying used cars for sale from a dealership in Cherry Hill, NJ, offers a car shopper several important benefits. This is particularly true of certified pre-owned vehicles, which are fully inspected, tested, and warrantied as high quality used vehicles.

Unfortunately, buying used cars for sale from private sellers is not as safe. While the prices may look appealing, there are significant risks any informed vehicle shopper has to stop and consider.

Risk: Taking the Seller’s Word

Buying used cars for sale Cherry Hill, NJ from a private owner, either in person or online, means trusting what the seller reports. While many sellers are very honest, there are also those who attempt to sell vehicles they know have mechanical problems or cars that have some type of damage due to an accident.

It is possible to check the VIN through different apps, but often buyers are more interested in getting a great deal. Once purchased, it is very difficult to return the vehicle even if there is a problem with the car.

Risk: Issues with Inspection

Every two years, cars 5 model years or older on the road have to go through inspection. Cars purchased from private sellers may have current inspection stickers, but that does not mean they will pass the next inspection.

Purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle from a dealership in Cherry Hill, NJ, eliminates this concern. Tested and fully repaired, these vehicles offer years of reliability for any driver in the area.

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