The Advantages of Residential and Vehicle Window Tinting in Jacksonville, FL

Residents of sunny Florida typically love the weather but may not like the effects that the prevalent sunshine has on the interiors of their homes and cars. Residential and vehicle Window Tinting in Jacksonville, FL, can prevent fading that is so common when ultraviolet light beats down on furniture and carpet in the house and upholstery and dashboards in cars.

Items Easily Damaged by Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet rays gradually deteriorate leather and other fabrics, which affects vehicle seats and carpeting, along with couches, upholstered chairs and carpet in the home. It also fades hardwood floors and wood furniture, interior paint, wallpaper and paintings on the wall. Valuable Oriental rugs will be protected and so will quilts that are family heirlooms.

Fabric doesn’t just fade after years of exposure to sunlight. Depending on the material, it may gradually become somewhat brittle and susceptible to fiber breakage. This is very common in curtains and draperies that eventually become so damaged by sunshine that they must be thrown away.

Furniture Placement

Window film applied by an organization such as Advanced Window Tinting, allows people to place furniture the way they want to without worrying about ultraviolet light. Many people like to have a couch against a large window, for instance, or two easy chairs placed by a bay window for viewing the yard. A walnut dining room table can stand in daytime sunlight without the wood deterioration associated with years of rays shining on it.

Other Advantages

The application of this film has other advantages. It blocks some of the sun’s heat, which keeps home air conditioner bills lower and the interior of the car cooler. It cuts glare and prevents eyestrain while driving. The tint does not lessen an enjoyable view from a home’s windows in any way. In fact, the reduced glare is a positive aspect.

Cleaning Tinted Glass

After you sign up for window tinting in Jacksonville, FL, the glass can still be cleaned the same way it’s always been. The film is applied to the inside of the windows, so it doesn’t get scratched by the small branch falling during a storm or by hail. For more details, visit Advanced Window Tinting website at

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