Subaru Dealerships near Medford Reveal 10 Subaru Models of the Decade

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Autos

Aside from being one of the largest automakers worldwide, Subaru is well-known for its reliability and its trademark combination of boxer engines with all-wheel drives. Several Subaru dealerships around Southern Oregon were up for the task of ranking the best models that ever graced their respective showrooms.

For these Subaru models, there’s no terrain too rough, icy, or muddy – they will get you through to your destination in style. Check out the ten best Subaru models of this generation.


What the Subaru Tribeca lacks in ‘flashiness’, it makes up for its convenience and practicality. Indeed, the Tribeca seems out of character for the Japanese automaker that even some Subaru dealers near Medford were not totally convinced it was from the same brand. Under the hood lies a powerful 256-hp engine that runs on regular fuel. Hardly any changes were made from the date of its conception to the time the last update rolled out.


The little-known model is a 5-door compact MPV with a 2.0L 146-hp engine. Ironically, the Exiga is a neologism for Japanese words that mean “active” and “exciting”.


Partly to blame for the non-popularity of Exiga is the introduction of its successor, the Ascent, in the US. It successfully combines everything that car buyers loved about the brand. According to Subaru dealerships near Medford, the Ascent can seat up to 8 passengers, hold cargo of up to 86.5 cubic feet, and tow up to 5,000 pounds. If you love going outdoors with all your stuff in tow, this one is definitely for you.


It’s probably a surprise for everyone when the Subaru WRX transitioned from being a racing car to becoming a true family car. The WRX boasts a small turbocharged four-cylinder 268-hp engine – enough to battle even the toughest terrain.


If you think that the WRX series is impressive, you haven’t seen the limited edition WRX STI. It is the classic sports car that boasts several modifications to boost its already powerful 2.5L EJ257 engine. The line also offers premium safety equipment options.


Withstanding the test of time and gracing showrooms of Subaru dealerships all over Southern Oregon since the 1990’s, the seventh-generation Legacy holds a new 260-hp engine and an all-wheel drive with excellent wet-weather traction.


Off-road adventures had never sounded so appealing with Subaru Crosstrek by your side. Subaru dealerships serving Medford say this small crossover SUV is more than enough for those who wanted to occasionally explore the wild side.


Probably the oldest model next to the Legacy in this list, the Outback has also outlasted its competition with its spacious, comfortable cabin, above-average off-road capabilities, and optional turbocharged engine for those who have a need for speed.


According to Subaru dealerships around Southern Oregon, the Forester is popular for a number of reasons: reliability, rugged capabilities, and top-of-the-class safety features. It is the perfect family car for those looking for the latest technology, enough space, and driving assistance to keep everyone happy.


The Subaru BRZ is the lovechild of the two largest automakers in Japan – Toyota and Subaru. Its twin, the Toyota 86, fails in comparison when it comes to tech features. Driving the Subaru BRZ is such pure joy that it is hard to find any fault. Add to the fact that it is reasonably priced, the BRZ is truly the best among the rest.

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