Signs You Need Auto Transmission Repair in Federal Way, WA

Your transmission is one of the hardest-working parts of your car. Any time your engine is on, your transmission is working. The transmission is the part of your car that transfers power from the engine to your wheels. In a manual transmission vehicle, the driver selects which gear is appropriate. In an automatic transmission vehicle, the appropriate gear is chosen by the car itself based on the circumstances. Manual transmissions are much simpler and much easier to repair. An automatic transmission is a much more complex device that is more likely to malfunction. If you’re paying attention, you can notice signs that indicate you need auto transmission repair.

Grinding Gears

In an automatic or a manual, grinding gears is a sign you need auto transmission repair in Federal Way, WA. If it is truly a transmission problem, you’ll notice a grinding sound whenever you change gears. In an automatic transmission car, you can feel the gear change. This is especially apparent when you go up or down a hill. The car will shift gears, and you’ll be able to hear and feel any grinding. If you sense any kind of grinding, you need to get to a transmission specialist.

Lagging Shifts

Lagging shifts are another sign that you need auto transmission repair. This is largely only relevant to automatic transmissions. If you step on the gas or if you head up a hill, the car will attempt to shift gears. If you feel a distinct lag as it attempts to shift, you’ve got some kind of problem. It could be a small problem or a big problem, but you definitely need to take it to a specialist.

A specialist can inspect your transmission, repair any problems that might have arisen, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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