Signs its Time to Replace Automatic Transmissions in Omaha, NE

There are a ton of advantages to driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission. They’re easier to drive, for one thing, and the fact that there’s no need to manually shift into gear means drivers can pay more attention to the road.

They’re not perfect, though, and over time, Automatic Transmissions in Omaha NE begin to experience the negative effects of constant wear and tear. Replacing an aging transmission may require a fairly substantial investment, but for most drivers, it’s less expensive than buying a new car. Read on to find out about a few of the most common signs that it might be time to consider having an old automatic transmission replaced.

Delayed Shifting

If a vehicle isn’t shifting gears when it normally does or those gear shifts just aren’t as smooth as they should be it’s almost always a sign that something is wrong. Vehicles experiencing transmission problems may also have trouble getting up to speed and in some circumstances, they may produce audible sounds that resemble a loud “clunk” when they do eventually shift into gear.

Transmission Slipping

This problem is more or less the polar opposite of delayed shifting. Instead of failing to shift when it should be, an automatic transmission that is beginning to fail might shift for seemingly no reason at all. Most drivers notice symptoms like changes in pitch, sudden lack of power, or failure to accelerate as well as it should.

Delayed Engagement

Some problems with Automatic Transmissions in Omaha NE become apparent before drivers even start rolling down the road. If a vehicle pauses when its driver shifts from park into drive, it may be a sign of trouble. More often than not, the car’s engine will just rev without propelling it forward when its driver steps on the gas when its transmission is experiencing delayed engagement.

Get Help Now

Admitting that it’s time to replace a transmission can be difficult, especially for those drivers who are working on a tight budget. Buying a used or remanufactured transmission can make a huge difference when it comes to price. Check out to find a reliable source of affordable, OEM transmissions.

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