RV Dealers in Des Moines Notice Both Changes and Traditional Aspects in Their Customer Base

RV dealers in Des Moines have a good sense in regard to general characteristics of their customer base. They pick up on these characteristics during their workdays and they also may read information from organizations like the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association. The data describes what the average RV buyer and owner is like in the 21st Century. This information helps manufacturers learn what features customers most want; the manufacturers then can respond effectively.

For instance, RV buyers increasingly look for lighter-weight trailers and more fuel-efficient motorhomes. With gas and diesel fuel being as pricey as they commonly have been over the past two decades, people want to avoid this being such a significant factor in the travel budget. Many people still like the idea of a motorhome, which has the driver’s area inside the camper, but they don’t want the enormous size that has characterized these vehicles in the past. Not only is it less expensive to travel with a smaller, lighter model, it also is less stressful maneuvering it along the roadways.

RV dealers in Des Moines have always had a strong customer base in the senior citizen population, and that trend is growing. With the baby boomers being such a large group, a great number of sales are made to people age 55 and over. Some of these customers are upgrading from a smaller camper to a fifth-wheel, a travel trailer or a motorhome. Others are buying an RV for the first time now that they are retiring and plan to enjoy traveling the region or the entire country. Some want to spend different seasons away from their home base, and they need a high-quality, spacious RV for comfort and convenience.

Younger adults also increasingly embrace a lifestyle that includes buying a vehicle from a facility such as Imperial RV Center. They like camping with their kids or as a couple, but they prefer a more comfortable environment than a tent or a pickup truck camper provides. Being able to travel a short distance and spend a weekend away from home is pleasant. Another interesting trend is for RV buyers to be more ethnically diverse than has been true in the past.

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