Some of the More Routine Suspension Repairs in East Lansing, MI

Nobody likes to have problems with their vehicle that will need to be repaired, but with the amount of use a vehicle gets, even with the best design and the best vehicle construction, the vehicle will still need repairs. One type of repair that can be extremely difficult to deal with are suspension issues. The reason for this is that a vehicle that is in need of Suspension Repairs in East Lansing MI may still be driveable. In fact, the issues may be so minor that a person may not immediately notice there is a problem. However, certain suspension problems don’t take long to become an even bigger problem.

Case in point are suspension issues having to do with wheel alignment. Sometimes, even a slight shift in the alignment of the vehicle wheels can cause unnecessary tire wear. This is typically noticeable when the steering wheel of a vehicle needs to be pointed slightly to the left or to the right to keep the vehicle going straight. This means that the car is pulling from one side to the other and this uneven wheel position will cause the tires to wear unevenly. Fortunately, repairs to the suspension to realign the wheels are typically between $80 and $100. However, driving for even a slightly extended period of time with wheel alignment issues will likely mean that the car will need at least 2 new tires.

A less common problem, but one that can crop up on vehicles that are bit older are issues with shock absorbers, springs or ball joints. In regards to shock absorbers and springs, once again, a vehicle can operate without performing these Suspension Repairs in East Lansing MI. However, the vehicle ride may not be very comfortable as springs, and shock absorbers make driving on the road, especially bumpy roads, much smoother. Ball joints are another issue. These typically fail as the vehicle gets older and it can cause the front wheel suspension to collapse. Until this is repaired, the vehicle isn’t going anywhere.

If you notice your tires are wearing funny or you notice that the ride of your vehicle isn’t quite as smooth as it used to be, you may have suspension issues. In these situations, it’s best to take your vehicle into Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service to have the vehicle suspension checked out and repaired as necessary.

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