Restoring Your Ford Fairlane: Finding the Right Parts for the Job

The Ford Fairlane was an iconic American car, widely sold by Ford in America and abroad between 1955 and 1970. Originally considered a full-sized car, by the 1960s it was reclassified as mid-sized. The car went through several modifications over the course of its run. For instance, the late 1950s version added a fin to the exterior, and in the early 1960s, several Thunderbolts were released with two door hard tops designed especially for drag racing.

The Fairlane’s name comes from Henry Ford’s Fair Lane estate in Dearborn, MI. Its low sticker price and ability to be easily modified quickly made it a favorite of postwar hotrodders. It is also a popular restoration piece for hobbyists today.

1) You’ll want to find a Fairlane with a clean, rust-free chassis, an intact interior and all its chrome parts for suitable restoration.

2) Fairlanes were very large cars, larger than the average car today. Make sure you have a garage or other workspace large enough to accommodate the project.

3) Spread a sheet on the ground before you begin stripping down the car. Carefully catalog all the parts as they are removed and be sure to make special note of the Ford Fairlane parts you will need to have replaced.

4) Use power sanders or chemicals to strip the paint from the exterior so that you’ll have a clean surface to work with. Be delicate when removing the interior trim, as this is the hardest part to replace on classic cars.

5) Begin to reassemble the car, starting with vital components such as the engine and working your way out to the exterior panels. It is vital to have a reliable supplier of Ford Fairlane parts. You can often order online, or check which providers are in your area. Apply primer and paint and off you go!

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