When to Replace a Tire Vs Heading in for Auto Tires Repair in Jefferson City, MO

It can be hard to decide whether to repair or replace a tire that is damaged or flat. That’s why this article lays out the basics of when Auto Tires Repair in Jefferson City MO is a practical option and when it’s best to just bite the bullet and purchase a new or high-quality used tire. Follow the tips below to make the decision a little bit easier.

Determine Extent of Damage

Check the tire’s treads, its sidewall, and the tire bead to determine the source of the leak or lost air pressure. If no underlying cause is immediately apparent, take the tire off the wheel and examine it for any faults that could have caused a puncture.

Tread Repair

If the source of the leak is a puncture less than ¼ of an inch in diameter, the tire can likely be repaired. Patches are most suitable for cuts and abrasions, while plugs are the method of choice for repairing punctures. Keep in mind that it’s probably not worth repairing any tire with less than 1/16 of an inch tread depth.

Cracked Sidewall

Split or cracked sidewalls just can’t be repaired safely. In fact, they shouldn’t even be driven on to the shop, as they can easily blow out. That’s why it’s so important to carry a spare so that the vehicle can be safely driven to a shop for Auto Tires Repair in Jefferson City MO or a replacement tire.

Cracked Beads

Cracked or split tire beads are also non-repairable. While they may seem small, they play a large role in maintaining tire pressure, so it’s best to replace a tire with a damaged bead immediately.

Wheel Problems

If the puncture was due to rust or damage to the wheel, the tire itself might be repairable, but the wheel will also need to be either repaired or replaced prior to reinstalling the tire. If the wheel is badly bent, rusted, or corroded, it’s always best to purchase a new one to avoid having a repeat of the same problem.

Get Help Now

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