Questions To Ask When Considering New Or Used Cars In Alsip

Most people, when they realize they need a different car, want a complete, one-size-fits-all answer to the question: Are new or used cars better in Alsip. The problem is that no one solution fits every situation. While there are many good reasons to consider each option, you need to focus on what is right for you in this situation now.

You may be wondering if you’ll look good behind that wheel or how much of a monthly payment you can afford. While those are both interesting to consider, they won’t help you be a smart buyer.

Buy Based on Car Payment

Most people think that if they know the amount they can afford, they’ll be better off, but in reality, the opposite is true. In most cases, you’ll spend too much and get too much of a car for your needs. While budgets are a necessity for most people and their families, thinking only in terms of price may not be the most effective way to find a vehicle.

Credit Scores

You can never seem to get away from your credit score. It hovers near you at every turn and buying a car is no different. For those with less-than-excellent credit, used cars in Alsip are the best way to go. Many dealerships won’t check the credit score or history because you pay for it in full or make a few payments. There is no financing involved and no down payment.


Most people rarely consider the depreciation of a new vehicle because they aren’t going to get rid of it for five to seven years (or more). However, if your new car depreciates by $7,500, you’re ultimately throwing away that money. You’ll never get it back, and so it can’t be spent on other needs.

Because of the depreciation conundrum, it is usually better to buy pre-owned vehicles because a new one loses anywhere between 20 to 30 percent of value. Some may even depreciate 50 percent during the first three years.


The one caveat to pre-owned vehicles is that you will likely have more repairs to keep it up and may have higher maintenance costs, depending on how well it was maintained previously. However, many dealerships are combating that high cost by offering extended warranties, providing full inspections and certified their preowned vehicles so you know you’re getting a fair deal.

Used cars in Alsip could be the right way to go, depending on your needs. Visit Hawk Ford today to learn more.

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