Modern Car Salvage in New Haven, CT Is More Than Just a Junkyard

Automotive salvage is essentially the practice of taking unwanted, broken, or demolished vehicles and stripping them of all useful parts and components. These serviceable parts are then refurbished, posted for sale, or recycled at a processing facility. Regardless of whether it is due to old age, a collision or simple mechanical problems, any vehicle that is meant to be stripped of usable parts is referred to as car salvage. For the most part, the individuals who purchase salvage vehicles usually have close relationships with “cash for clunkers” companies, metal processing facilities, and automotive wholesalers.

When it comes to identifying salvage, everything from the heating components and side mirrors to the power window controls and plastic fittings can be resold. If you are looking for car salvage in New Haven, CT, this article will help you understand the advantages of using this service.

Reasons to Use Car Salvage

Generally speaking, automotive recycling is beneficial for anyone looking for a good deal. Regardless of whether you plan on donating your car to charity or selling it to a metal processing facility, it helps reduce your environmental impact. Rather than letting your old vehicle collect dust and rust in the driveway, you should scrap it instead.

You can also save money when shopping for replacement parts, especially if you have a unique vehicle or if you’re refurbishing a classic car. When attempting to repair certain models, it would be impossible to find replacement parts without the help of a car salvage service provider.

Environmental Impact

Stationary junk vehicles can still cause pollution even after sitting dormant for years. The various internal fluids such as brake fluid, motor oil, and coolant will eventually begin leaking from the vehicle. These dangerous chemicals can seep into the ground and they can even pollute municipal water pipes. Rather than allowing your dilapidated vehicle to pollute your surroundings, why not make a few extra dollars by scrapping it? You will not only be helping the environment; you’ll also be helping your wallet. Contact us for more information on local car salvage.

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