Madras Ford Dealer Offers Tips on the Best Ways to Care for Your Car

In a survey by international analytics firm the NPD Group, they found that more car owners became hands-on with car maintenance during the earlier half of this year. Surprising to say, a notable percentage of Americans may have driven less, but have delved more into DIY car care.

Why wouldn’t they? A Ford dealer in Madras, OR will surely tell you that the vehicle can be likened to an extension of yourself and your family. Doesn’t it deserve a little bit of TLC, too? While basic car maintenance is not exactly rocket science, it does take a little bit of know-how. Learn some of these tips, and your car will surely serve you well for years to come.


In the same survey, it was found that car cleaning products were among the bestsellers in the market in the past months. Regular washing and waxing will protect your body paint and prevent rust and corrosion. Keep dirt and mud from drying on your car and on the undercarriage. Otherwise, you can give this a thorough washing with a hose. For moving parts like door hinges, the hood, and the trunk door, lubricate them with WD-40 regularly.

Another smart way to care for the body of your car is to put a vehicle cover on it. If you don’t plan on driving for a while, or if you don’t have a garage to keep your car, this can keep it from the elements.


Caring for your engine includes performing regular checks before you go on a drive. Check for your oil levels and top up accordingly. Oil can be costly, but the high quality ones ensure that your engine will work smoothly. Always inquire with the vendor to know if you are using the correct oil for your vehicle.

Apart from the oil level, always check the current levels of wiper fluids, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and the radiator. Always have a reserve bottle of these consumables in your garage in case your levels or running low. Double check your vehicle owner’s manual to know if you are applying the product correctly.


Probably the most prone to wear and tear, the tires tend to be overlooked at times. Before going on a drive, make sure you check that each wheel is properly inflated. The tire pressure gauge is a wise tool for this. If you notice signs of ballooning or warping on your tire, this may be due to extremely hot weather or possibly an imbalance with the wheel alignment. Consider changing your tires if you see worn out treads and puncture marks. This ensures that you won’t skid on the road during rainy or snowy days.

These are only some of the top strategies followed by car owners who are truly hands-on about their rides. It doesn’t hurt to brush up on the basics, regardless of how experienced a driver you may be. If you need a boost, a Madras Ford dealer will be more than happy to serve you. Check out TS&S Ford for more helpful tips.

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