Land Rover Cars And More: The Big Three

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Car Dealership

Land Rover cars in Philadelphia and other vehicles embrace seven models of vehicles. While four are categorized as part of the Land Rover Range Rover family, three are not. These are some of the company’s most iconic and memorable vehicles.

Land Rover Cars and More

When looking at the Land Rover Family, do look at the big three not classified as Land Rover/Land Rangers. These are:

The Discovery: This vehicle has always been built with an eye for durability, reliability and safety while not neglecting appearances. Whether cruising around the urban environment of Philadelphia or taking off onto parts unknown, the Discovery can take you, your family, friends and a hefty cargo there safely.

The Discovery Sport: If you really want to take a drive over rough and tumble country, but not give up a sense of comfort and roominess, try the Discovery Sport. This model has many similarities with the Discovery but is constructed to go further off-road better.

The Defender: An iconic model in this line it has a stylish, comfortable interior. This vehicle is usually described as the most capable off-road Land Rover. It blends seamlessly its heritage with the advances of modernity.

Discovering Land Rover Cars

Land Rovers have been around for several decades. During this period, they grabbed the prize for off-roading. Along the way, the line expanded to include the Land Rover Range Rover family. Today, both families advance the off-road reputation of the original vehicles. However, they do so with a touch of class and a lot of comforts.

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