Keep Transmissions Running Smoothly with Maintenance in Myrtle Creek, OR

A well-functioning transmission is vital to your vehicle’s performance. You may be tempted to skip scheduled maintenance or ignore odd sounds and smells while driving, but small problems can lead to larger ones when you neglect the warning signs. A few simple steps can keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Check the fluid level regularly. Your car owner’s manual will explain how to check the transmission fluid and what type to use. An annual inspection may identify potential problems and minimize future damage. Visit website domain for information about preventative service.

Signs of Trouble
When your transmission isn’t working properly, it can’t provide power to the wheels efficiently which affects acceleration and fuel economy, and your vehicle may not be able to go at all. Low fluid levels may indicate a leak and a burnt smell could mean your transmission is overheating. If your vehicle is experiencing any signs of trouble, it’s time for diagnostic service by a professional mechanic.

What to Expect from Diagnostics
Shops providing automotive repair in Myrtle Creek, OR, may offer diagnostic service. A trained technician will use a scanner to read your vehicle’s trouble codes. A short drive to capture your vehicle’s data and a multipoint inspection may also be part of the process. The technician will explain his findings and possible solutions to the problem.

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Whether you need preventative service or automotive repair in Myrtle Creek, OR, the experienced professionals at Mobile Tune want to keep your vehicle operating safely. Visit website domain for more details.

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