How To Handle An Incident Where Brakes Do Not Work

When a motorist discovers their brakes are not effective in stopping their vehicle, they will need to think fast, so they do not become injured as a result. When brakes fail, there are a few different tasks one can try in an attempt to get their vehicle to safety. Here are some ways one can try to stop their vehicle in a no-brake situation.

Pump The Brakes To Dislodge Air

If brake fluid has an air bubble present within the liquid, it can cause the brakes to not be engaged when necessary. To dislodge an air bubble from the brake lines, it is best to pump the brake pedal in an up and down motion several times. This may push the air bubble out of the way, allowing the brake fluid to effectively get to the braking system, so the vehicle comes to a stop.

Try Using The Emergency Brake

Each vehicle has an emergency brake level available to utilize if brakes fail. This is usually located along the driver’s side flooring, on the dashboard, or in the middle console of the vehicle. The brake lever should be pulled firmly, yet slowly. This will ensure the vehicle does not spin during the action in slowing the vehicle to a stop.

Use The Shifting Feature To Slow The Vehicle

Changing gears can be an effective way to slow a vehicle with non-working brakes. At the first sign of a brake problem, the driver can try putting the vehicle into a lower gear to slow it. This should be done on an area with an incline if possible to aid in the slowing process. The motorist should pull their vehicle to the shoulder of the road when trying this method, so the vehicle is not a hazard to others on the road.

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Use The Shifting Feature To Slow The Vehicle

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