Here Are 10 Smart Tips for the Cheapest Car Rental in Covington, LA

Going on a family road trip is both fun and exhausting, not to mention possibly expensive. Fortunately, you can find an affordable car rental in Covington, LA, when you know the right person to talk to. Read on for some valuable tips on how you can save money as you enjoy your holiday on the road.

1. Plan Your Rental Schedule Ahead of Time

You can make a car rental reservation weeks before your preferred date. With this, you get a buffer time in case you need to cancel, modify, or refund your rental.

2. Beyond the Airport: Car Rental in Covington, LA

Renting your vehicle at the airport comes with additional charges. Instead, choose a location downtown where you can conveniently pick up and drop off your rental.

3. Select Your Make and Model Wisely

Go for the cost-effective approach and opt for economy cars. They are still reliable, have good safety and convenience features, but without the additional burden on your budget.

4. Keep Your Insurance in Check

If you’re already insured as a driver, then use your policy before renting your car. This eliminates the excess fees involved when writing up temporary renter’s insurance as you go on your trip, saving you a few hundred dollars in the process.

5. Use Apps for Finding Cheap Gas Locations

After you’ve found your car rental in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it helps to know where you can buy cheap gas. Many apps automatically monitor gas prices by location. With these, you can lock in a place and find an affordable filling station near you.

6. Have One Designated Driver

If you need to insure a driver for the rental vehicle, choose only one designated pilot on your family trek. It’s more expensive to add a substitute driver during your travel.

7. Follow the Rules

Be a competent driver and follow the rules of the road. Being safe and responsible will steer you clear of danger, prevent vehicle damage and further costs, and get you to your destination happily and on time.

8. Parent Hack 1: Bring Your Car Seat

It is required by law that young children are strapped to a car seat or booster seat when traveling in a motor vehicle. Some car rental companies have these safety seats available for rent, but you can save extra by using your own instead.

9. Parent Hack 2: Skip on the Added Car Features

Typically, you can spend more renting cars with more advanced features like satellite radio, navigation, voice dialing, DVD, and the like. Go low-cost and use your mobile phone to navigate. If your young ones need entertainment, then they can use their tablets or mobiles as well.

10. Talk to a Dealer for Car Rental in Baton Rouge Louisiana

Luckily, you can find a car dealer that does more than just offer new or used cars. There are trusted ones that have great models of rental vehicles on offer.

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