Heat Transfer Products in Indiana Improve Your Rig’s Mileage and Performance

Of course radiators are your truck or other large vehicle’s first defense against overheating. But utilizing other Heat Transfer Products in Indiana can minimize the chances of damaging your engine while simultaneously increasing your fuel efficiency. Keeping them maintained and up to date is important.

Air heat exchangers improve your engine’s performance and fuel efficiency by removing waste heat. Also known as intercoolers or aftercoolers, they use nearly constant pressure to cool the air heated up as your engine works. Cooling the air changes its density, which in turn has a positive effect on your truck’s performance by increasing volumetric efficiency. Because they are not essential to the engine’s function, air to air heat exchangers can fail without any dramatic effects. But a busted cooler means decreased fuel and engine efficiency, taking extra money out of your pocket and life off your engine. Having your air cooler regularly checked by a qualified mechanic will prevent any troubles.

Oil coolers work somewhat like a small radiator. They keep the engine running at a consistent, cool temperature by ensuring that the temperature of the oil supply is also consistent. Not all vehicles have oil coolers, but owners of vehicles that do will notice improved fuel combustion times. They are all but essential for semi-trucks and heavy equipment. The transmissions in these types of vehicles are regularly placed under high stress, and overheating transmission oil can exacerbate this. It will cause slow gear shifts, worse gas mileage, increased wear and tear, and ultimately can cause premature transmission failure. Keep your oil cooler in good condition to improve the lifespan of your transmission.

If your oil cooler, air heater, and radiator are all in good working condition but you’re still experiencing engine overheating, be sure to have your coolant tubes checked. These move the various fluids and air necessary for keeping your heavy duty engine cool to where they need to go. If they have leaks or excessive wear, they may not be doing their job as well as they need to. If you need to replace or repair these or other Heat Transfer Products in Indiana, look at more info here. There are local companies that can provide for all of your heat transfer needs.

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