How to Handle Contacting a Repair Shop for Auto Repair in Lansing MI

A person who owns their first car is going to, at some point, need to contact a shop for repairs.When they need to contact the shop, there are some things the repair shop will need to know before they can help the person.

Make, Model, and Year of the Vehicle

Vehicles are all made with different parts and even the year the vehicle was made can determine which parts might be needed for a repair. Knowing the exact type of vehicle can help ensure the repair shop has the right parts on hand and the knowledge to repair whatever is wrong with the vehicle.

What’s Wrong with the Vehicle

A person doesn’t have to be a car repair expert to be able to discuss this with the repair shop. While saying “the head gasket is blown” can make it easier for the repair shop to know what they need to do to prepare to fix the vehicle, even just saying “the vehicle is making funny noises when it accelerates” can enable the shop to know where to start looking to find the issue. The idea here is to give the shop as much information as possible to make it easier to determine what needs to be fixed and to allow an adequate amount of time to spend on repairing the vehicle.

When and How They’ll Drop Off the Vehicle

Often, a person will want to drop the vehicle off right away, but they might need to wait until they’re done at work or the next day. This is vital information for the repair shop to use to find a time to fit in the repairs. If the person isn’t able to drive the vehicle to the shop, they’ll want to let the person they speak with know. Often, a towing service can be arranged to get the vehicle to the shop.

Having all of this information ready before you call a repair shop can enable them to help you easier. For any Auto Repair in Lansing MI, make sure you contact a shop quickly so your car will be ready to drive as fast as possible.

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