Fun Facts About A Speedometer in Arizona

A Speedometer in Arizona may not be something that everyone thinks about on a daily basis, but there are actually some pretty interesting and fun facts that one can learn about the humble speedometer. Here are just a few to give one a little mental snack.

   *    The speedometer goes by other names as well, including the speed meter and the velocimeter. The velocimeter is actually a historical term as they were once made from metal alloys. Today’s speedometers are mainly made from plastic, although some may have small amounts of metal alloy left in them. Most vehicles have been equipped with a speedometer since 1910.

   *    Everyone knows that the purpose of a Speedometer in Arizona is to measure the speed of a vehicle traveling on land. However, one of the vehicles which do not possess a speedometer may be surprising. NASCAR race cars do not have speedometer equipped in them because it is deemed unnecessary. According to several drivers, when they are driving that fast, it can be a detriment to actually know how fast they are going.

   *    A Croatian inventor by the name of Josip Belusic invented the electric speedometer way back in 1888.

   *    An inventor from Germany, Otto Schulze, invented the magnetically powered eddy current speedometers. These have been the most popular type of speedometers for one hundred years.

   *    While civilizations such as ancient Egypt and Greece had primitive and crude ways to measure speed, a more modern predecessor came in the form of a drawing made by Leonardo da Vinci. However, da Vinci’s invention never came to fruition and merely existed on paper.

   *    Some cars are currently hitting the market use a speedometer that actually functions via a GPS system. The only drawback is that it is limited to the accuracy of the GPS mechanism itself, unlike more traditional speedometers that use electronics and magnetism to gauge speed.

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