Find A Company For Paintless Dent Removal In Baltimore

by | Apr 13, 2016 | Autos

Car lovers want their vehicles to look perfect. They cannot stand dents and dings. Well, now there is a way to get rid of dents quickly. People are turning to Paintless dent removal. Experts say the main benefit of this service is appearance. No one will be able to tell you had a dent. No big machines are necessary because the dent is fixed without harming the original paint job. Another major plus is that it is cheaper and quicker. A body shop charges twice as much and keeps your car for days. This process is done by using special tools to gently massage dents from the car.

Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore can usually be done in under an hour. Traditionally, to remove a dent from the body panel, the headlight, fenders and door panels are removed. No wonder the work costs so much! Next, a mechanic hammers on the inside of the dent. This is called banging out the dent. Afterwards, a sander is used to remove the paint from the area. It also serves the purpose of roughing up the area, so the filler sticks to it. The filler is mixed with hardener and smoothed on the area. When it hardens, a sander is used again to smooth the dent. Amazingly, this is just a partial description of the work. Experts say this traditional method causes the car to lose value. People can tell it has been repaired and the paint cannot be properly matched.

Unfortunately, not all cars can be repaired with Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore. The process can be used to repair large dents as long as they are not deep. However, the main criterium is that none of the car’s metal is twisted. Look for cracked paint, it is an indicator of a deep dent. Almost 95 percent of minor dents can be repaired, and that is a good success rate. In the event of a hail storm, paintless dent removal can handle the repairs. In addition, there is a discount for multiple dents. Try Paintless the next time you have a ding or dent.

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