Calling All Car Enthusiasts! Lincoln Car Dealers Teach Insurance Rights!

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Autos

Many car owners believe that getting insurance is all they need to protect themselves. Usually, they pick a plan, pay the premiums, and forget about their insurance until an accident occurs.

Being unprepared leaves a driver vulnerable. Not just by the other party, but by their insurers as well. It is essential to know how to protect yourself. Apart from learning your auto rights from Lincoln car dealers, listed below are some steps you can take to safeguard yourself.

If you are hurt, seek medical attention immediately

Your health comes first, and getting injuries tended to is, of course, crucial. Whether it’s a no-fault or at-fault case, medical records are hard to argue and create a strong base for your case.

Consult with a lawyer

Insurance documents can be very dense and stuffed with technical information. Talking to a lawyer will help, especially if you feel that your claim is being blocked or denied.

Call your insurance hotline for a tow and any additional advice

Do not go with the flow here and let bystanders call you a tow. Most likely, your insurers have a tow service on retainer. Following the procedure increases the likelihood of successful claims.

Do not sign anything

Call your insurer’s hotline if you’re being asked to sign documents, especially if you’re being pressed to do so at the accident site. If your insurer’s hotline is tied up, refuse to sign anything and tell them to send it to your insurer directly. You don’t have to settle anything immediately.

Whip out your smartphone

Even if your vehicle has a camera that recorded the entire incident, pull out your smartphone and take close-up and wide-angle pictures of the point of the accident or where your car and the other car came into contact.

It’s also important to take pictures of both license plates so that the car’s identity in the accident is undeniable. If the police were called to the scene, you’d want to take a picture of their license plate, too.

Next, take pictures of every side of the other party’s car. It’s quite common for people involved in a simple fender bender to complain about punctured tires or broken mirrors to try and get an entire facelift for their car out of a minor accident.

Ask the other party how they’re feeling at that very moment. Are they experiencing any aches or pains? Did they experience any injury at the time of the accident? Maybe they weren’t wearing their seatbelt. In their opinion, what happened? These recorded questions could be evidence if the other party changes their story later on and claims to have severe injuries or trauma that need compensation.

Write down everything

Take note of vital information such as names, driver’s license, contact information, car make and model, time and date of the incident, and even auto insurance details. Collect all of this from the other party. If you type it into your phone, remember to take a screenshot, especially if you could not save it correctly. If it was written on a piece of paper, take a picture of that as well. This information will be vital as you make your claim from your insurer, so keep it safe.

Call the police yourself

Call the local police, even if the other party appears to be on the phone and talking to law enforcement. The call may serve as proof that you didn’t try to leave the scene. Once the police are done collecting statements, ask for a copy of the police report (this is crucial for successful claims), and write down the name of the officer you talked to and the police station where they report.

Do not claim responsibility for the accident at the scene

Admitting to any responsibility may result in heavy financial liabilities. Avoid making statements or showing gestures that give other people the impression that you are guilty. Don’t sign any document that says you claim to have caused the accident.

Remembering these tips could mean the difference between winning your claim and losing it. Purchasing your car from certified Lincoln dealerships stuffed with knowledgeable staff will help you better understand how auto insurance works. So protect yourself today! Check out Baldwin Lincoln car dealer in New Orleans, LA.

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