Brake Service and What to Expect

Brake service is a necessary part of car tune ups. If you hear loud sounds or experience vibrations and slow brake response time, it is time to head over to a vehicle repair shop for a scheduled repair. Below is a brief description of what you can expect when your vehicle requires a brake inspection and repair.

Brake Inspection – Under the Hood

Once you receive and approve of the quote given to you, your mechanic will start brake inspection and repair. Your mechanic should check the brake master cylinder for leakage. Located under the hood, the fluid levels, lines and any loosening of components should be checked as well. Once complete, your vehicle will be raised on some type of hydraulic stand to gain access to the underside of the car.

Brake Inspection – Beneath the Car

Once under the car, your mechanic should check for leaks and loose lines around the brakes. Rotors and calipers are inspected for any faulty spots or grooving. Some of the associated parts of the brakes, such as the rotors, may need to be replaced in addition to the brakes themselves.

Next, the brake pads are visually checked for thickness and any inconsistencies. Depending on the make of your brake pads, decreased thickness may warrant a complete replacement. The mechanic doing your brake repair in Mokena should be able to determine what needs changing.

Customer Service

While repairing your car, your shop should keep you abreast of all the findings and fixes. The mechanic should discuss the process with you in detail to make sure you are aware of any additional repairs that are recommended and resulting from the brake repair. Any unscheduled major repairs should require the previous consultation before the work is done. Typically, simple brake repair takes less than a day, and you should be road ready as soon as the work is complete.

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